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Body-Mind Life Wellness/Positive Coaching Management
/Healing Powers/Support Circles
/Individual Empowerment/Team Building/Effectivity 

From massage therapies and healing seminars to support circles and yoga classes, iwc hosts a variety of health and wellness events in an intimate setting. Unite your body, mind and spirit for a complete life balance.

Private Spa Parties

Healing Seminars

Group Support

Insightful Workshops

In addition to counselling and bodywork services, we offer ongoing classes and seminars to help provide continued group and one-on-one support and education.

iwc proudly presents the upcoming group workshops:

Archangel Experience Workshop | Saturday, Coming as soon as we can |  3:00 – 4:30 pm

TFeaturing Archangel Jeremiel:  The Angel of Hope, Archangel of Spiritual Visions and Dreams, Life Reviews and Releasing the Past


Archangel Jeremiel is an angel of hopeful visions and dreams who can offer us loving messages to bring hope and love into our lives. He is a motivational communicator whose hopeful messages from Divine Source/the Creator support people who are going through life changes, feeling troubled or discouraged.  Let him assist in releasing issues from the past to help overcome obstacles with tenderness and ease.  He helps you see the blessings in your past experiences and provides emotional healing for these events.  

During this workshop, we will immerse ourselves in the high vibrational, loving energy of Archangel Jeremiel who provides assistance with spiritual visions which extends to include his ability to support you with opening your 3rd eye!  We will take an in-depth look at his area of expertise, including ways to easily connect with him, from his energetic color, favorite crystals, his favorite music  and essential oils all offered to connect with his energetic vibration to raise your frequency, which helps to deepen your divine link with him.  Learn the symbols associated with Archangel Jeremiel which will help you know how to easily recognize him in art and in your dreams. 

You receive a unique attunement channeled by Archangel Jeremiel plus we’ll do a group meditation to meet Archangel Jeremiel where you can ask him a question, seek his blessing or whatever is on your can also choose to sit with him and feel his amazing healing energy and the depth of his unconditional love for you.  Know that going forward you will always be able to easily connect with him at any time.

Everyone will receive a mini intuitive card reading using Dream oracle cards.  Receive a handout with a summary of the main points from the class. You'll also receive an organza bag to take home with items associated specifically with Archangel Jeremiel to help you create your very own sacred space, enabling you to tap into his energetic qualities and immediately connect with him and continue your relationship with him.

Pre-registration is required. Cost per person/session: $60. Spaces are limited to ten (10) people.

Register at 908-879-8700 or

Meet Your Guardian Angel Workshop | Saturday, TBD |  3:00 – 4:30 pm

We will focus specifically on our Guardian Angels.  We’ll discuss what is (and is not) a Guardian Angel, their history, how to communicate with them and how many you have.  You’ll be given helpful suggestions on how to learn your Guardian Angel’s names + more. Includes meditation to meet your Guardian Angel, handout, 1-card Guardian Angel message. 


Special Offers:  When you register 2 weeks prior to class, Jean will include two additional items for you:

  1. She will connect with your usual Guardian Angels and let you know how many  guardian angels are with you. 

  2. Also, it is believed that a person's Guardian Angel can be found based on his date of birth. You discover one of your Guardian Angels who is protecting you and what they can bring to you on your life's path + more. This is a different school of thought from the normal Guardian Angel opinion mentioned above (from a holistic view of Guardian Angels.) Therefore, if you provide Jean with your birthday (Month and Day only) you will receive a special handout about one of your specific Birth Guardian Angels.  Working with your personal Birth Guardian Angel enables you to cultivate a lifelong spiritual ally who can help elevate and raise your human purpose and potentials.                     **Note:  These two add-on's take Jean time to prepare as they are unique to you.**

Pre-registration is required. Cost per person/session: $60. Spaces are limited to 15 people.

Register at 908-879-8700 or

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